Favorite Subject For Painting

I love painting scenes of cyclists. I guess it makes me feel the joy of being out on two wheels while working in the studio! Here I'm using a photo by my friend and great photographer Kevin McPeake for my inspiration. You can check out his work on Facbook

I loved this photo when I saw it: love the diffused light and the mystery in the fog.  I painted this image about a year ago ( middle image ), but decided to give it another try and work on the grays a little differently. Here's the second attempt ( the image on the right). I was a little bolder with the reds. Although it similar to the first painting, this one feel more like night time to me.

Pittsburgh - This Weekend

Shady Side Art Festival on Walnut Street - Booth #57 at Walnut and S. Aiken


  • Saturday, August 27th, 2016 

    10:00am to 7:00pm

  • Sunday, August 28th, 2016 

    10:00am to 5:00pm

Where:  -  Find me in Booth #57 at Walnut and S. Aiken

739 Bellefonte St in Pittsburgh, PA

Cost: Free Admission



The 20th Annual Shadyside… The Art Festival on Walnut Street is a proven summer weekend art show located in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh, PA. On August 27th and 28th this popular neighborhood of tree-lined streets, historic homes and trendy businesses will again be transformed into an outdoor gallery of fine art. The Shadyside locals look forward to this fine art show each year. Walnut Street offers something for everyone – national retail stores, unique locally owned shops, numerous restaurants, bars and eateries featuring a vast variety of cuisines. Hope to see you our there!!

Venue: Walnut Street in Shadyside (Pittsburgh, PA)

Why do you do it?!?

Why do we do what we do? This is a question that keeps coming up in the classes I have been at C4 (business classes for artists). I am amazed by how hard this question is to answer.

Easy answers:

I can.  I love it.  I'm curious.  Etc....

Why is this such a hard thing to answer? I have been making art most of my life. I have a degree in painting. I have been teaching painting classes for 14 years. But why do I do this? Well... I love making 3 dimensional space on a 2 dimensional plane, moving color back in forth within that 2D space. I love problem solving, and I just like to walk around and look and think about how so many things are possible on one little planet.

 I have been assigned to make my mission statement  as part of my class work, and after a lot of struggle, I think I have it.

Mission: Create expressive paintings that elevate the ordinary and encourage the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the day to day.

When it comes down to it, I always feel so lucky. I love my work and I can always learn and improve. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. 

Paint on my friends,


Making Progress

Monday in the studio!! Untitled for now, 24 x 36 Oil on canvas - palette knife.

24 x 36 Oil on Canvas

Last weeks efforts.

This one started as a plein air study in Olmsted Park

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Studio Tip: What do you get when you cross a paper towel roll and a saw?

I was tired of wasting paper towels in the studio or being to cheap to get a clean one, so I thought I'd try cutting a role down in the shop. By cutting the roll into three sections, I have the perfect size to clean my brushes and knives without waste! Hallelujah   Why did it take me so long to come up with this??

Cheers, Dawn

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Today Efforts - Headed to the Park

I went back around the corner today to see if I could finish this one.  Right at 4:00 the light hits the buildings just right. Now if only these people would hold still!!

9 x 12 "Headed to the Park"  oil on panel, plein air

Here's my start. Too bad I couldn't get that tandem bike in there. Such an unwilling model . : )

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