Paint Yelapa Mexico!!

When we found out our amazing friend, Lisa, is part owner of a resort ( casitas - think glamping ) and bar in Yelapa Mexico, Rob and I booked a flight and packed our bags!!! Yelapa is a hidden gem - a beautiful little fishing village tucked away in a southern cove of Mexico.  It's super safe, really laid back, weather is perfect, wonderful food, and so affordable!!! Everything you need for a painting trip. You get there by water taxi from Puerto Vellarta and then step away from the crazy pace most of us live in today. This was a discovery trip with the idea of a starting a plein air retreat with Lisa at Oasis by the River in 2018. I could go on and on, but just look at the photos below and decide for yourself. Even if you can't join me for a painting trip at the Oasis, it's worth putting Yelapa on your bucket list.

Join me for a wonderful painting retreat in February 2018. I'll have more info up soon. 

Happy Painting,


Painting Location: Colony Square

This is the Northside on Colony Square at 15th and Peachtree. Across from the High Museum .
I took photos on my jog today. If I looks to busy, there are tons of gorgeous house back in the neighborhood

Parking would be either at Colony Square or find street parking back in the neighborhoods. Just read all the signs. There is metered parking as well. I would drop my supplies and then park.