Favorite Subject For Painting

I love painting scenes of cyclists. I guess it makes me feel the joy of being out on two wheels while working in the studio! Here I'm using a photo by my friend and great photographer Kevin McPeake for my inspiration. You can check out his work on Facbook

I loved this photo when I saw it: love the diffused light and the mystery in the fog.  I painted this image about a year ago ( middle image ), but decided to give it another try and work on the grays a little differently. Here's the second attempt ( the image on the right). I was a little bolder with the reds. Although it similar to the first painting, this one feel more like night time to me.

Painting With Color!!

Last weekend I taught a two day workshop on my favorite subject - color! The first day we worked with color mixing, specifically, using the color wheel to make your colors lighter or darker. Working with the color wheel will keep you colors, vibrant and fresh. The next day we tackled making neutrals by working with compliments, and make them recede in space in your paintings.

It was a lot to tackle in a weekend, but everyone did a great job and left the class with a lot more knowledge about paint mixing.  It's easier than you think!!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving,


Art Adventures & classes

  Dawn Kinney Martin  


Fall is a great time to get outdoors to paint. The cooler temps are pleasant and the fall leaves are beautiful. But we have had so much rain 

lately, it has really pushed me as an artist to try to capture all that color in low light. I love that there is always a new challenge!

I'll be headed to Coastal Carolina for a week of Plein Air the first week of November. Despite the exciting challenge of painting on gray days, I hope the rain stays away!

          Classes and Workshops                

Color Workshop 

Color Confidence 2 Day Workshop

Nov 14 - 15, Sat & Sun 10:00 - 3 

This will begin with demos and exercises followed by working on a painting. - 175.00

More Info

Weekly Classes 

Nov 11 - Dec 9, Wed 10am - 1 pm,  4 weeks 

No Class  Nov 25

 3 hour Painting Techniques class - 150.00

Dec 1 - Dec 15,  6:15 pm - 9:30pm  3 weeks 

Tues Painting Studio  -  95.00

Classes held at DawnArt Studios

180 A 11th St NE, Atlanta GA 30309

Check out all classes available online: click 

Classes and Workshops

Other News - Plein Air Awards 

I recently took 2nd place and received a Purchase Award at the September Plein Air event in Stone Mountain. A big thank you to the Art Station, who presented the event; I am honored to have my work as part of your permanent collection!

Hope to see you out there.

Happy Fall, Dawn  

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Still trying to capture color in low light.

"Misty Morning on Lake Clair Meer"

9 x 12 oil on panel, Plein air

This weekend, despite the rain, I taught a really fun plein air workshop. This was an introduction class geared to helping beginners get out there for the first time.  We started in the studio, covering how to get started and then hit Piedmont Park to practice. We found a covered spot over looking Lake Clair Meer and got started.  We got about 2 hours of painting in before heading back to beat the next round of rain storms.  This turned out to be perfect practice for me. I have really been struggling with how to paint color without the help of the sun.  Above is today effort. Seeing progress from last weekend, but still room for improvement.

A couple of the painters below, they really had a nice time. Even with the rain, we where covered and the temperature was great. 

Our inspiration for the day.

You can see what I mean by a gray day

Until next time, Dawn

Upcoming Classes  http://dawnart.blogspot.com/p/2015-winter-spring-classes-workshops.html



The Atlanta Dogwood Festival is almost here!"

Olmsted Parks 12 x 16

Red Maples 12x12

DawnArt Studios in Midtown  Now open for Classes

Join me in charming Clayton GA. There is so many great painting spots all around!


allulah Gorge12x16

Sailing Buddies 12 x 24

Dogwood Festival April 10 - 12

After traveling and painting for months, I am so excited the 

Dogwood Festiva


is almost here! I have all new

paintings and I can't wait to see what people think. 

Artist Market hours

Friday 12 - 7

Saturday 10 - 7

Sunday 10 - 6

I'll be in booth 120 -  near the 14th street entrance on Piedmont AVE. Just walk left when you enter the park and I'll be a few booths down

There are so many great things to do at the

Dogwood Festival

. Music last until 11PM Friday and Saturday. There will be cooking and painting demos. Come out and enjoy the show.

It's going to be a great weekend!!

Check out the


for a list of all the events.

Hope to see you there!


New Studio in Midtown  Open for Classes

If you'd like to stop by my Midtown studio to see new work, talk about a commission, or take a class, just let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Reach me at 



Stay tuned for new evening classes and 

workshops over the summer and fall.

Joy of Painting - Techniques and Beginning 

April 29 - June 3

10:00 - 12:45  -  Wednesdays

Class held at DawnArt Studios in Midtown

 Full class description.

Supply list

$ 225  class fee   

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Find out more about my plein air workshops

3 Day Workshops

April 17 - 19

Callaway Garden / Warm Springs GA

No Stress Plein Air

May 15 - 17

Parker Ranch in Clayton GA

Palette Knife and Plein Air

Hope to see you out there or in the studio. Happy painting my friends!


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Joy of Painting - Painting Techniques / Beginning Painting March 25 -May 13

Joy of Painting - Painting Techniques 

/ Beginning Painting 

6 weeks


April 29 - June  3 

Wed 10:00 am - 12:45pm

DawnArt Studios

180 11th St Ne, Atlanta GA

404 399 0853



Supply list


6 week 225.00


This is a techniques class to design to give you the tools needed to solve problems in your paintings.  Have you  struggled with knowing  how to get your creative ideas on the canvas? Than this is the class for you. Each class will show a specific painting technique, with demos and examples and then have a painting assignment to reinforce the techniques.  The class will cover composition, value, color and finishing techniques. You can use my examples for your projects or bring in your own photo. All levels welcome - appropriate for beginners. You will we able to  leave your wet canvas and supplies in class. Class size limited to 6 students. Street and pay lot parking.

This 6 week session will focus on composition, different ways to begin your paintings and, how to work from photos.

Contact Dawn with any questions


3 day workshops

April 17 - 19

Callaway Gardens

/ Warm Springs - Plein Air Retreat - Azaleas in full bloom!

May 14 - 17

Parker Ranch -

No Stress plein air workshop in the beautiful North GA Mountains

Contact Dawn with any questions dawn@dawnart.com or


Supply lists


See more paintings at 


Check out the class FB page 


Vibrant Sky Workshop

Vibrant Sky Workshop 

Big Sky

16x16 oil on panel 

In this fun and quick-paced course, students explore techniques used to create expressive paintings with a palette knife. Working with a palette knife to create a broad range of textures, students learn the nuances of value, working wet in wet and layering in order to keep colors rich and vibrant. There will be an emphasis on color mixing and keeping you colors clean (no muddy colors) This course will begin with a demo to cover the basic approach. Demonstrations will continue as well as working one on one with the students as you work on your paintings. All levels welcome, including beginners. The class will be taught using oils. Make sure to bring a sack 

lunch and any snack and drinks that you need. There are no close by restaurants.

 Min. 4, max. 14.

Sat Feb 28 10:00 - 3:00

Callanwolde Art Center

Atlanta GA

Supply list below



Follow the restoration link and scroll down until you see class code PAD121 Palette knife workshop: vibrant sky.

Let me know if you have any questions


Hope to see you there

Supply List Vibrant Sky Workshop

Bring what you have but this is what you need for class. 

I prefer working in oils because my mixture will stay wet for the class. Acrylic will  dry quickly  so you will need to keep them wet with water or a retarder.

Here is a list of suggested colors. But bring what you have. I like to have cool or neutral yellow, a warm blue, and a cool red and blue. Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, and Burnt Sienna are just great to mix with. 

** See more about pigment codes below*

  • Pick a cool red - Alizarin Crimson Pigment code PR83, or Permanent Rose Pigment code PV19 (primary).
  • Pick a warm red -  Such as a Naphthol Red pigment code PR170, a Cadmium Red or hue - (either the light of the medium), the Cad light, PR108, will be more orange and the Cad Med, also PR108, will be more scarlett. An orange such as Cad Orange will work as well
  • Pick a cool or neutral Yellow - *Cadmium Yellow Light, PY 35 or PY3, or Cadmium Lemon PY 35 (primary), or Hansa Yellow PY 74
  • Pick a cool blue -  Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Blue Green Shade PB 15 (primary), Cerulean Blue Chromium PB36. Prussia Blue, Manganese Blue – Just fine
  • Pick a warm blue - Ultramarine Blue PB29 , or Cobalt Blue PB 28 
  • Titanium white   5OZ Tube  (Opaque wihte)
  • Yellow Ochre PY 42, or Yellow Oxide, either will be fine will be fine. (Great for Mixing)
  • Sap green or any warm green (mixture & gray for mixing)

Optional colors to add later

Naphthol Red/ Cadmium Red or hue / an orange (Warm Red)

Dioxide Purple 

(Combo of the  red and blue primaries - great for mixing)

Burnt Sienna (Great for Mixing)

  • 9 x 12, 12 x 12,12 x 16 or panel or larger (panels work better for palette knife, but canvas is fine for all other classes) Bring extra panels or canvas pad for practice
  • Acrylic and oil disposable Palette Pad 9 x12 . You can use a roll wax paper 
  • Palette knives  plastic or metal  - The  plastic 5 pack at Binders is great for beginners

***If just buying one get Utrecht 1003 or one similar to the image below

Paint thinner to help base coat your canvas. Turpenoid  or liquid for oils -  water for acrylics

  • Sketch pad
  • Pencil
  • Roll of paper towels

This is the end of the supply list - the rest is just useful info

If using oils you may want LIQUIN IMPASTO or Solvent 

to extend the paint

If using acrylics you will need a 

slow drying medium



and spray bottle for water to help slow the dry time.

* All have the same code PY35. Make sure to open the tube on Cad yellow light, Lemon and some times Cad Yellow Medium and check to see it doesn't have an orange tint. Same name and pigment code Cad Yellow - but some are neutral and some have too much red. Cad Lemon should be the coolest. You can always add red, but you can’t take it out**

**Where do you find the pigment codes and what does it tell me? 

Manufacturers are free to give their art supply colors whatever name they deem appropriate. Different manufacturers give different names to the same color, even if the same  pigments are used. Therefore, names may vary from one brand to another. I tend to buy single pigments except for color that I mix all the time. If love a mixture that I don’t want to buy, often the codes on the back will tell me how to mix it myself. Also, I like working with a lot of transparent colors. You can always add a touch of white to make them opaque.

Alizarin Crimson PR: 83 (single pigment)

PR: 83 – The first letter Identifies whether a pigment or a dye is used. Here the P indicates that a pigment is used.

PR: 83 – The second letter identifies the pigment code. Here, the pigment code stands for red.

PR: 83 – The number indicates the specific pigment number.

Sap Green PG7, PY75, PBk9 (mixture of three pigments)

***If just buying one, pick one of these

This is a good 

variety to started

March 24 Spring Tues Painting Studio starts back Dawn Art Studios.

             3 Day Workshops

         April 17 - 19 Callaway Gardens/ Warm Springs  - Plein Air Retreat - Azaleas in full bloom!

         May 22 - 26 Parker Ranch -  No Stress plein air workshop in the beautiful North GA Mountains.

Contact Dawn with any questions dawn@dawnart.com or 404-399-0853

Supply lists   http://dawnart.blogspot.com/p/supply-lists.htm

check out the class FB page Dawnart Classes

See more paintings at www.dawnart.com

Work in the Studio

Now that I'm home for a few weeks it's time to get to work in the new DawnArt Studio! I'll start offering classes an workshops here in September. I can't wait to be in this space.  First step is getting the carpet up and the floor somewhat clean. Next I'm going to build work tables for the students and maybe if time  and YouTube allow, I'll build a few easels as well. I'll keep you posted with the progress.

Happy painting,


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Studio Tables are in the Works

 I decided to build the studio furniture for my classes out of reclaimed wood. I love the idea of boycotting plastic and having hand built tables the really match the style of the studio.   Decided to go with a distressed blue and white color palette that goes with the venetian plaster and the white molding in the rooms. I think it'll give the space a warm and inviting feel. Hope my students will love it as well!

The bulk of the work is finished and I'm ready to start offering classes in my new studio space.
Despite all the thunder storms this week, I was able to finish my studio project. I set up a tent in the back yard to be able to keep building and then used the front porch for the finishing work, mainly the sanding and painting.
Classes start on September 23 and I needed furniture for the students, mainly tables to hold their supplies. I decided to build my own out of reclaimed wood to match the feel of my cottage styled studio in Midtown. I made each table a little different, all about the same height, but I played with the pattern of the wood and made a few full-sized tables as well. I want it to be inviting, a place that students can feel comfortable and creative! So here it is ...6 days, 10 palettes and 9 tables later.

I hope my classes love the new space !


Upcoming Classes - Happy painting!                           


Sept 28  Color Confidence 1 Painting Workshop DawnArt Studios
Oct 1   Wed Painting Studio 6:30 - 9:30 - 6 Weeks  Callanwolde
Nov 2 - 9 Splash Week, Elizabeth City, NC . Week long painting event Plein air & Studio****More info soon****
Dec 13 Capture the Light Spruill 
See more paintings at www.dawnart.com
My art now available to purchase online click here to go to my secure market.

Check out the class FB page Dawnart Classes

Studio Tables are in the Works

 I  I  I  

I  decided to build the studio furniture for my classes out of reclaimed wood. I love the idea of boycotting plastic and having hand built tables the really match the style of the studio.   Decided to go with a distressed blue and white color palette that goes with the venetian plaster and the white molding in the rooms. I think it'll give the space a warm and inviting feel. Hope my students will love it as well!

Tuesday Night Painting Studio 6:30 - 9:30 Jan 13 - March 3

Tuesday Night Painting Studio 6:30 - 9:30    Jan 13 - March 3

DawnArt Studios
180 11th St Ne, Atlanta GA
404 399 0853
January 13 - March 3, Tuesdays 6:30 - 9:30

This course emphasizes artistic development in a relaxed and fun studio environment with a variety of music to keep you motivated. You will work on your own projects, using any medium you choose,  You are encouraged to pursue individual interests and further develop your unique style. Self expression is the joy of painting. My goal is to help you get the art inside you on to the canvas through guidance, motivation and demonstrations of techniques. There will be class demos as well as individual assistance. Bring your painting supplies and reference materials to the first class sessions and be prepared to work. This is an on going class that offers a lot of flexibility for the students.  You can always make up missed classes. If you know you will miss a few classes, just sign up for 4 weeks and come any time over the 8 week class. 
Be a part of it, ongoing students are invited to participate in the 11 annual art show at Binders. Please contact the instructor with any questions about materials and what to bring for the first class. This class is open to all students regardless of your level of training or ability. Beginners welcome. You can leave your materials in the studio while taking classes. Tables, chairs, and storage shelves are available. If you work on an easel, you’ll need to bring your own. I do have a few extras, but I can’t guarantee one for every class.
Click on the link below to register online or pay in the first class

8 week session 240.00
4 week session 140.00

Supply list
DawnArt Studios LLC 180 11th ST NE, Atlanta Ga 30309
404 399 0853
Click on the  photo link below to register online, by email dawn@dawnart.com

Upcoming Classes - Happy painting!                           

Winter Schedule in the works

Feb 7  10 - 3 Color Confidence 1 Painting Workshop DawnArt Studios
Feb 20  2:00 - 5:00 Color confidence 2:00 - 5:00 AME
Feb 21 9:00 - 12:00am Palette Knife Workshop : Vibrant Sky AME
See more paintings at www.dawnart.com
My art now available to purchase online click here to go to my secure market.

Check out the class FB page Dawnart Classes