Painting with St Anne's Treehouse Two's Class

It's getting close to auction time at Saint Anne's Day School. 
This year the school had artists come in and work with different classes to create a piece of art as a fundraiser for the school. I was paired up with the  Treehouse Two's class. Below is the project I worked on with the class. What a great group of young artists, teachers and parents. 
After we came up with a plan, I built a 30x30 structure for the painting. Then I applied modeling paste and carved out the design.

Below - Day 1 - Working with the class. We started with the big areas of colors first.  Look at them go. I think everyones favorite part was the hand signatures on the back! Who doesn't want to get messy with art?

Below - Day 2- Now that the back ground colors have dried, I came back and we started on the leaves. We masked off the sky so the young artists could focus on the circles. It was so fun watching painting come together. What a great group!
Now that the young artists have finished, it was time for me to take the painting back to my studio for a few final details and to get it ready for the auction.  Touched up, varnished, wire on back, "Glow Tree"  is ready to go!

"Glow Tree" 30x 30 Acrylic on wood 
I really enjoyed working on this project with the class. A big thank you to Moire Menning for all of her help in coordinating everything. I hope the auction is a huge success.
Happy painting!                           

March 18 Tues Painting Studio
May 3 Color Confidence 1 10 - 3:00
May 10 Palette Knife workshop; Reflections on water

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