Painting with Color Confidence II

Color Confidence 2 -  Learn to control your neutrals
Callanwolde Art Center
Feb 22  Sat 10am - 3 pm 1 Day

Now that you have mastered pure color and are comfortable moving color from one hue to another, learn how to create and manipulate neutral colors. This class will focus on understanding the colors you have mixed on your palette, or store bought colors, and then how to get the most life out of your color without making mud. This class is about really seeing the colors before you and then using color theory to get the results you want on the canvas. The first half of the class will be demos and discussion, and then you will create a painting to practice your color confidence. I will be teaching the class in oils, but you may use acrylics. Contact me with any questions. Bring a sack lunch and such.

Callanwolde Art Center
Atlanta, GA
Class Code 7032
Supply List
 Supply List Painting with Color Confidence 2 2014
For questions  email

For this Class the primaries are OPTIONAL. I have the pigment codes for the primaries below. Use the pigment codes as a guide to buy the right color as color names change all the time.
  • Cadmium  yellow,  or hue - pigment code PY35    
  • Titanium white   5OZ Tube 
  • Yellow Ochre  or Yellow Oxide
  • Burnt Siena
  • Sap green
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Optional colors
  • Red - permanent rose/ quinacridone red- pigment code PV19       
  • Blue - Phtalo Blue   green or blue  shade  fine -pigment code PB15
  • Beginning brush kit with a mix of bristle and soft brushes.
  • 9x12,12 x 12 Canvas  or larger. I will be using 12x12
  • Acrylic and oil disposable Palette Pad 9 x12 . You can use a roll wax paper
  • Palette knife plastic or metal
  • Sketch pad 
  • Pencil l
  • Roll of paper towels 
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Cup or coffee can to clean brushes in

If using oils
LIQUIN or other medium for thinning the paint

Odorless mineral spirit and a sealed container for cleaning brushes