Paint with Color Confidence Sept 28, 10 – 3:00

1 Day workshop 10 - 3:00 Sun, Sept 28, Color 1 Class

1 Day workshop 10 - 3:00  Sun, Sept 28, Color 1 Class
DawnArt Studios
180 11th St NE, Atlanta GA
404 399 0853

Paint with Color Confidence! Have you been struggling trying to controlling color in your art? Do you mix a lot of mud? Well, no more. This class will have you painting with color confidence.
You will learn about pure color and why it is so important, how to bend a color, how to use the color wheel to lighten and darken your colors, and more. The first half of the workshop will demonstrate the color mixing lessons, then students will be able to apply their new knowledge with a painting. You will finish a painting in class and you are going to love it! All levels welcome.

DawnArt Studios LLC 180 11th ST NE, Atlanta Ga 30309
404 399 0853
Click on the  photo link below to register online, by email
Click on the  photo link below to register

Happy painting!                             
Classes start back soon.
Oct 1   Wed Painting Studio 6:30 - 9:30 - 6 Weeks

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