One of my Favorite Paintings of the year

I admit, I feel very lucky to paint for a living! There is always a new challenge in the studio and hopeful enough break through, Aha moments, to keep me inspired. I was looking back over some of my work from this year, and noticed I have really made changes this year. But it always seems like the series I am working on now is my "new favorite". So this is my favorite painting right now.

Treehouse 36 x 36 oil on canvas. Palette knife painting.
Framed in black floater frame -  40"x40"

Here is another favorite from the year. You can really tell a difference between the two. After working with just the palette knife for so many years, I really wanted to come back to the brush and play with created different surfaces in the painting.
Sunset Boogie 48 x 60 oil on canvas  SOLD
I have to admit, I love the intense colors in this oneā€¦and it's huge which is always so much fun and exciting to work on. These paintings a different, but that is what I love about painting. There are just so many possibilities, new ideas to explore, I look forward to hitting the studio each day.