Let's Make Art!!

Making beautiful art with the 2 year olds at St. Anne's Day school.

This is the second year I have participate in the artists residence program and help a class make a piece of art for the yearly fundraiser. I am looking forward to the project and can't wait to see how it comes out, but with a group of 12…I am a bit nervous!
After meeting with the teachers and coming up with an idea, The next step is building the panel and  adding texture. The texture will give it a neat look when finished .

Now it's ready for the class. The class is called the Treehouse 2's, I thought this image would be a good fit.

Let the  painting begin! With a class of twelve, we decided to break up the painting groups to two at time. I masked off the ground part of the painting so the kids could go wild with the sky.
Look at them go!
Sky is in, so time to work on the ground.
This is what we have for this week. I am going to come back next week and we will work on the leaves. What a great job treehouse 2's!

I'll let you know how next week goes,