Progress in the Studio 6/22

Well, I am make a little progress on my garden gate in Rome, Italy 36 x 48
This was just a side road we were walking down. I really need to find out the name.

The painting above 36 x 48 and below 16 x 20 are both from a canoeing trip down the Estero River near . I just loved the old boat pulled up on the dock. Below is a suspension bridge crossing the river to the boat dock. This one is quite different for me. It will be the first time I have put a person in one of my landscapes. I just could not resist including the ancient woman and her dog slowly making their way across. It will be interesting to see how I do.

This is a small commission piece I am working on. I am using a color photo for this since I have never been to the location.

Don't I wish my studio was so clean! I am house and pet sitting for my parents and set up a little studio in the laundry room. The dogs have been supervising. Always a great help! Cheers, Dawn