Art show award, garden tour and new job title.....

I just got back from the Helen Keller show in Tuscumbia. I had a great show. I sold 4 smaller framed paintings and 3 smaller unframed paintings. To top it off, I also won and award that came with cash. Always a nice surprise. The people who run this show are super nice and that makes for a relaxing weekend. The area is surrounded by water, so I even got a chance to get out on my new kayak!

Coming home from the show, I went through Scottsboro to do a little antiquing. I did not find any treasures this year. Since I was coming home from the north, I decided to stop in Adairsville and tour the Barnsley Gardens. The ruins of the old house and the formal gardens were well worth the trip. I think I can come up with a few good painting.

Now for the funniest part of my trip. While I was walking around the garderns, I got way off the beaten path where construstion was taking place. I was mistaken for an inspector and was asked to inspect this man hole. So, I checked out the brickwork and the concrete table for over flow. What fun!!!!!

Cheers, Dawn