Pennsylvania to Rhode Island

Time is flying by and I will be home before I know it. Hooray!! Nothing like being away for over a month to make you truly appreciate your home and loved ones.

I had great weather in Mount Gretna but just  an okay show. Art sales art just slow right now, along with everything else in our economy.  I did come across a pretty pond that I think I can turn into a nice painting. That is alway exciting!

On the 19th, after a nice ride on a near by mountain bike trail, I headed in the direction of Rhode Island. I spent the night in Stamford Ct and walked around and did a little shopping before getting back on the road. Stamford had a nice downtown area were you could get out of your car and walk to anything you needed.

I arrived in RI around 3 and started put up the campsite. It is a nice campground and I can hear the ocean from my site. I will be here through next Wed. and then back to PA formy last art show of this series. There are a lot of really nice bike paths near me. On Thursday I went for a 25 mile ride long the bike paths. I had a great time. Boy was I tired when I finished.  The load in for the show was on Friday. I was an easy set up. As it turns out, it is an in door show. So I just had to put up my wall and not my tent. Nice!!  Once again, it was just an okay show. The people were so nice and the load in was so easy, I would do this show again as a filler between 2 other shows.