Dawn's Book Reviews

I had no idea that Newport RI was such a busy tourist town. People and cars everywhere. Of course, there are rows of shops, restaurants and other fun things along the water to entice the people. I was going to tour the historic mansions in Newport today, but decided to just take a bike ride and pack up my campsite. I will do that next time. It is so nice to be in an area with scenic bike paths, I have to take advantage. These are photos I took along the bike.

I am heading back to PA for one last show before heading home. This will be a 3 day show over Labor Day weekend in Harrisburg.


I have read a few good books and a few bad books on the way.

The Bad and Ugly

Dark Harbor


Stuart Woods

– Don't read it It was bad.

47th Samurai

by Stephen Hunter, I have enjoyed some of his books in the past, but I cannot believe that a 60-year-old Billy Lee Swagger can be taught to be a Samurai fighter in a week. It was hard to make it through.

The Thumbs up Category

Falling Angels

by Tracy Chevalier, This is by the author of Pearl Earring. It was a well-written book. On the serious side, this book deals with the womens suffrage movement in England.

Whitethorn Woods

by Maeve Binchy, This book was a lot of fun. Each chapter was from the viewpoint of one character. Often the next chapter would be about the same story but from another characters point of view. It was often hysterical to read the conflicting views.

On Audio

Chasing Shadows

: novellas from Transgressions

by Walter Mosley and Joyce Carol Oates, The first novella by Walter Mosley was surprising coming from Walter Mosley. Every book I have read by him in the past had an angry black man as the central character. This story shows a softer side of Mosley. The main character is a small, insecure, intellectual young man working for and being bullied by an anarchist. Two thumbs up!

The second story by Joyce Carol Oates was a little disturbing. I put it in the okay category


by Christopher Buckley, A really good book that deals with the absurdity American politic in a fictional setting. A Lot of laughs, but a little scary if you think about it.

The Dead Father Club

by Matt Haig, This was on the serious / sad side, but well written. It deals with the unexpected death of a young boy’s Dad. It leaves the reader enough room to make up your own mind.

Criss Cross

by Lynne Rae Perkins, a cute story. More for young adults, if you have kids, you would want them to be as nice as these.

Life the Universe and Everything

by Douglas Adams, always a lot of fun even if he does ramble a bit. If you have never read, listen to or seen any of his books, you should. His imagination is amazing.

I am now reading

Henderson’s Spear

by Ronald Wright and

The Memory of Running

by Ron McLarty. Henderson’s Spear is hit or miss. Some parts are good. Some are tedious. The Memory of Running seems like it is going to be a winner.