Palette knife boats - getting started

I talked about painting starts and working with the palette knife last week in class and a few folks wanted to see how the painting progressed. This is where we left off after class.I know these are not the best photos, but I stopped to take photos of this 24 x 48 painting while it was up on the easel. I didn't take the time the set up a good shot, but I hope you get the idea.

After laying out my composition, I started making color notes.

Decided to change the boats a little bit. so I pulled out left over paint to adjust my drawing.

Still trying to decided my color palette and blocking in areas.

A little more progress, starting defining my horizon line and adding color to my boats.

That's all for know. I think I have a good idea of the direction to take it and hope to finish soon. I'll keep ya' posted

Sorry for the horrible photos and  have a great time over the holiday season - Dawn