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Want to be a Featured Artist on Artsy Shark? Submissions are being accepted now!
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Submissions accepted Dec 10th - Dec 19th, 2014
   10 Artists with 10 distinctively amazing talents in one beautiful collage.  
    apply to be a Featured Artist  

Artsy Shark needs 36 Artists to Feature 
in the Coming Months.

Are you interested in becoming one of them?

If you have never before been a featured artist on Artsy Shark,
you are invited to submit an application for consideration. 

This is a competitive, juried opportunity.

Featured Artists on Artsy Shark get publicity - lots of it. 

"I was blown away by the response I received!
On the day my story was posted, traffic to my website increased by 400% . . .
I received an email from an art publishing company who wanted to represent my work and a request for a press interview."  - Michael Soltis

As a Featured Artist, you present your portfolio and in your own words, describe your inspiration, technique, goals and accomplishments. Your page is created as an individual article about you, and emailed to thousands of subscribers. Your feature is shared extensively on social media, and is seen by many of over 37,000 unique visitors who come to Artsy Shark each month.
Interested artists may submit their application to be featured through a competitive jury process. Selection is made by viewing your art website. The purpose of your featured artist page is to create interest in your work, send visitors to your website, and connect readers with you on social media. You then have the opportunity to make sales directly from your site, capture email addresses for your newsletter or blog, gain fans and followers, and forge relationships with potential customers, collectors and galleries. 
"After my Artsy Shark feature, I gained an art commission,
and am working on a couple more with the exposure.
Thank you so much!" - Jennifer Kahn Barlow

All mediums are accepted and encouraged. Jury fee of $20 per artist applies. Artsy Shark receives no payment or commissions on any sales or contracts which result from featured artist exposure.
Submissions will be accepted starting Dec 10th and close at midnight Eastern time on Dec. 19th. 
CLICK BELOW for more information and to submit your work for consideration. 
Got a question? Please email me at Carolyn@Artsyshark.com
Good luck!

Apply to be a Featured Artist!  

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