Suggested Plein air Supplies

New to plein air? Here are a few tips to help get you started.


Easel One that is easy to carry palette - 

wooden palette that you can clip to your easel or disposable. I use a 12 x 16 that fits in my wet canvas carrier

Wet canvas carrier

Paints - I suggest a simple palette to start with

White - a big tubeCool red and blueWarm red and blue

Cad Yellow light or something similar

Any other colors that make you happy

If working in oils you will mix a lot of your colors. If working in acrylic, you might bring more pre mixed colors to help with dry time. Also a retarder and spray bottle for misting the color and a container for water to clean brushes

Paper towels


Brushes and palette knife of your choice

Brush cleaner and container with a tight lid to keep from spilling

Any medium you use to thin your paint. 

Bottled water and a snack.

Chair and or table only if you want to carry it!


Sunscreen and bug spray

Happy painting!                             

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