Painting Supply List

Supply List

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If you already have paints, bring what you have but this is what you need for class. Supplies available at Utrecht or Binders or other art supply stores.

These are the primary colors. Buy the professional brands in these three colors. I have the pigment codes below. Use the pigment codes as a guide to buy the right color as color names change all the time.
Red - permanent rose/ quinacridone red- pigment code PV19
Yellow - cadnium yellow, or hue - pigment code PY35
Blue - Phalo Blue green or blue shade fine -pigment code PB15
Titanium white 5OZ Tube
Yellow Ochre or Yellow Oxide
Beginning brush kit with a mix of bristle and soft brushes.
12 x 16 Canvas or larger
Acrylic and oil disposable Palette Pad 9 x12 . You can use a roll wax paper
Palette knife plastic or metal
Sketch pad
Pencil l
Roll of paper towels
Spray bottle for water
Cup or coffee can to clean brushes in

If using oils
LIQUIN or other medium for thinning the paint
Odorless mineral spirit and a sealed container for cleaning brushes