A Studio Make Over

It is amazing how you can go to the same place everyday and just block out the mess. I have been in this studio for about 14 years and have seriously out grown it as it is. I just kept adding a shelf here and there as time went by and a lot my space wasn't usable anymore.
Time to Feng Shui the studio! 
The Before....
First step,  take out the shelves and get to the bare wall. What a Mess!
Step 2,Supplies bought, so time to start insulating 
Now that one wall has insulation, I can put  up the weather treated plywood. Next step will be to drop the  ceiling to 8 feet and insulate that.  See below.

That the bulk of the heavy work is finished, I can start building storage  racks. YAY!
What the heck,  might as well make a space for A/C.
WooHoo A/C in!
Studio revamped and now time to work. 
I am truly loving my new space. Everything has a place and I am keeping cool and dry.

Happy Painting Ya'll!!!