Building a painting from scratch

 A few weeks ago I was driving back from Indiana and I kept passing all these great barns out in the fields. The golden hay contrasting with the purples and siennas of the soil really struck me.
When I passed this light blue barn, I knew I had to make a painting.
I had too many miles ahead of me to stop and take photos, so I made notes and decided to paint from memory.
The first thing I did was set up my composition. I wanted the clouds to cross in the sky to the left and the shadows and highlights in the grasses to zag to the left as well setting up a sidewise V and then have an element on the far right to cross the V.
Next, I start making decisions on the color and perspective.
Decided to change the view of the barn. I wanted it turned a little instead of straight on. And the  worked on controlling the color.
Pulling the color together, the clouds seem too pronounced at this point.
Breaking Storm 12x36 oil on canvas
Okay, this is what I came up with. I brought the changing sky back and worked on the trees on the left and tried to pull together all of my elements to create an overall harmony.