3 Day Palette Knife Workshop

Sometimes it's just great to take an art class and learn from new and different artists.
 I'm taking a palette knife workshop with Leslie Saeta this week and so far it's been a blast.
To begin with we painted a value study. Always an important step when looking for the design in your painting.

Next we painted a similar still life, but with color this time. This wraps up our first day and it was a lot of fun.
Day 2; Leslie painting a demo for us. I really like the way she has broken things down into steps.

 Leslie working away.
This is what I worked on today. 2-12"x12" canvases.
Now off to my evening class at SCAD. 
Teaching, instead of being a student, but I'll be back as student tomorrow morning. I think we are painting boats. Yay!!

Happy Painting,