Commission Finished Just in Time

 Just in the nick of time. This commission is for an  anniversary and I had to deliver it today to make the deadline. Good thing I finished last night! I am happy to say the client loved the painting - see below...

The finished painting 20"x20" Tierra. The happy couple had their engagement party here. What a thoughtful gift. I hope she will love it!
The photo I worked from
People are often amazed at how I can get a painting you may want to look at out of such bad photos! I just image what the scene would look like at a time with interesting light and try to capture that moment. For this one, I was thinking about what it would be like to walk up to this cozy place just as the sun was setting. I am with good friends and were are going to have a great evening.
I also try to add color and texture to the surface of the building to give the viewer something interesting to look at. ( when I've finished my great dinner )
That is the fun of these paintings. 

Now on to Indianapolis for another art show. Hope it goes as well as last weekend.