Dawn Art in Style Magazine!

Have you ever wondered what my work would look like in your home?  Well pick up a copy of Susquehanna Style,  Mar/ April 2011 edition, flip to page 75 and find out. A customer of mine brought me a copy of Style Mag because she recognized my painting. I had no idea my work was in there. 
"Sunset Oak"  in the Fresco Green home, Susquehanna Style, Mar/April 2011

The Scott family, a partner in Fresco Green Building Supplies,  bought the "Sunset Oak" painting shown above at Mt Gretna. When I delivered the tryptich, the house was still being renovated, but I could tell it special. They have renovated their home using innovative, quality recycled and sustainable materials.  The home is just stunning in it's calm, simple beauty. I am proud that one of my paintings can be a part of it.

A Little more press action for Dawn Art
While visiting my parents in Macon, I decided to take my plein air supplies and work on a painting or two. While I was set up in front of the Hay House, a reporter for the Macon Telegraph spotted me and did a quick interview. 
Painting the Hay House in Macon, GA  Sept. 27