Rob and I go to New Hampshire!

While I have been out traveling the northeast with art shows, Rob was able to fly up for a little mini- vacation. I picked him up at the Boston Airport and we headed up to New Hampshire. Why New Hampshire  - why not - we hadn't been there before.

Our first stop was in Salem  NH at America's Stonehenge.
I had no idea that we had our own Stonehenge.
 As we walked around we learned so much. America's Stonehenge is
an accurate astronomically aligned calendar. It was and still can be
 used to determine specific solar and lunar events of the year.
 How crazy is that?  We're talking 2000 BC and this civilization
 had this knowledge.
What's a tourist attraction without an Alpaca?
Next we hit Merrimack to visit the Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Okay, beer fans, here's the proof, they really use hops. 

And there was a car show, how cool! I want this car.
If you are going to drive a bug it should be a kegerator
The Clydesdales
After a night in North Conway, we head to Echo Lake to
hike up to Cathedral Ledge
What a view
Robbie on the Ledge!!

Good times. Good bye big sky!

 Cheers, Dawn