Summer festivals - having a little fun while on the road

I started my 2 month tour of in Michigan and have been crisscrossing the North every since. Here are a few of the highlights so far.

My first show was the Krasl Art Festival in St Joseph MI. I had an artist host family for the show. The Krasl Art show provided artist with free lodging for the weekend.
This was just 15 mins from the show.

The sunrise in St Joesph MI. This is the view from my front porch for the weekend.

After  MI, I headed over to Hyannis, MA for a show and as luck would have it, my good friends Brian and Karen were visiting the Cape at the same time so we did a little vacationing together.

Pathway to the beach
Take a ride with me! We are in the town of Hyannis
The sailing club at Hyannis Port
Sam Barber's oceanside studio. I am so jealous!
Here I am with Sam at his year round studio. Total studio envy! 
Brian and Karen are off to Mystic for sailing and more vacationing.
So, it's back to work for me. Here I am getting ready for the art show in Hyannis.
It was a hot one!  These 2 girls would have stayed with me and the
fan all day. They were really funny and I enjoyed their company.
I think their mom like the free time as well.
After the Hyannis show, I was able to meet Karen and Brian in
Boston for a day. Here we are at the Kennedy Library 

Cheers!!!!  You guessed it - we're at Cheers! 

Getting ready for the tour of Fenway Park
Well, that's all for now folks.
Cheers! Dawn