Camping my way to Philly and back. If you're going to drive 1600 miles, you might as well have fun.

Last weekend I had a show in Manayunk Pa (Philadelphia) and this time I decided to enjoy myself and break up the trip by camping along the way, taking my kayak and bike along.

On the way up I camped at the North Bend Federal Park in VA. This campground rocks! Most campsites had their own beach and some where boating sites only. For a girl who grew up on the lake...I could not have been happier. Below are photos from my site.

On the way home from the show I stopped at the Lums Pond Campground in Delaware. Even though I arrived in the dark on Sunday night, the mountain biking the next day was so worth it. Also, I don't think I've been to a campsite before where families made a fence and brought the horses.

Since I still had another 700 miles before home, I camped in VA again on the way home. Instead of take I 85 home as I did on the way up, I decided to take 81 to 77 and camp at the New River Trail campsite. This is a very small campsite and there are no amenities but the cycling is worth it. There are about 55 miles of trails that you can ride and the scenery is magnificent. Below are a few photos from the trail. I only went about 20 miles, but I hope to come back again and ride the entire trail sometime.