Back from San Marco and into the studio!

I had a good time in Jacksonville for the San Marco Festival. A good friend I hadn't seen in years came out and I was also able to have dinner with family. Good times had by all!

Sales at the show turned out to be a good despite the rain and heavy winds on Sunday. Saturday was a perfect day, plenty of sun and a perfect 75 degrees. Despite the great day sales just were average. I had no sales on Sunday, but I received a phone call on Monday morning and was commissioned to create four paintings for a couple that I spoke with on Sun. If you are going out shopping in bad weather, I guess you are serious. I have already gotten started. I will have photos up as soon as a make a little progress.

The photo above is of a 36 x30 that I have been working on the the past few weeks. It is a horrible photo, but the painting seems to finally be taking shape. I went by the Taco Mac last night to photograph the signs and little details for the painting. I hope to finish in the next 2 or 3 weeks.