Art sales are going well and the weather is beautiful!

My Florida trip is winding down so let me go over the highlights.

Juno Beach – great beach, pretty good sales. A lady came in and bought all three of my fruit paintings. It was a complete impulse buy on her part, but she loved them and had to have them. The coolest sale of that show was a college boy who purchased a 15 x 15 garden scene. When I asked him if he knew where it was going he said,” No, I am in school, I am just buying work that I really like for when I graduate and have a house.” How awesome is that?

Jonathan State Park was a great place to camp. There were miles and miles of cycling trails on road and off. I look forward to coming back….Just beware of the overly aggressive raccoons.

Key Biscayne – Beautiful Key – See photos. I sold a big one here! Oh happy day. An Evening Stroll went to a couple from LaGrange GA, so I will be driving around with it until we can meet in Atlanta on April 1st. I also sold a few small pieces to a lovely woman from Mississippi. I stayed a few extra days and got in some great cycling, I rode my bike from Miami over to Virginia Key and Key Biscayne. It was only about 30 mile round trip and the only hills are the bridges. Nice!

My last night in Miami, my van was attacked by thieves in the hotel parking lot. The crooks made of with all of my painting supplies and tools, but the paintings were all safe and there was little damage to the van. I found a home Depot and Utrecht and was able to purchase the minimum. Thank God they did not make off with any of my display. What better way to retaliate a theft than go to the Fairchild Botanical Gardens? A good three-hour walk through the gardens and life was good again and I headed the van to Naples. I will let you know all about Koreshan State Park. Cheers! Dawn