Week 1 : Ocean City NJ

Well, I made it to Ocean City NJ, Finally! I thought the drive would kill me. I just bought a Ford Econoline van from a friend. I


 the van. Having enough space for my paintings and myself is a wonderful thing, but I had not really driven it yet. 85 rattled my nerves.

After 14 hours though, no problem, I can drive that van!

The Board Walk Art Show was this weekend. I have done this show in the past. It is a small show and a lot of work, but I have always been blessed with great weather and enough in sales to come back. This year a major storm hit Saturday morning around 8:00 am. I had arrived just before the rain and lightning. As I dashed to my tent, the wind picked up and tents started flying! I was terrified. When I got to my tent, it was still standing. The lightning was so bad I was afraid to go in. I stood under an awning across the boardwalk and watched as my tent swayed violently in the 50 + mph winds. It slowed down in about an hour so I peeked inside. NONE of my work was damaged!My walls were skewed but not damaged. I am so lucky!!! Swooooh!

Well, by 11:00, it was a beautiful day and I had good sales. You just never know. Overall my sales were down so I do not now if I will come back next year. It is a shame. It is a fun area. It still has a small ocean side community feel to it. Cyclists are everywhere. The roads are really wide and flat. You can bike anywhere.I found the best campground this year, Shorebirds, www.shorebirds-campground.com. The area is so quite. It is just a gem! I have a big shady spot. I am staying here through Wednesday, so I put up a big shade tent and made a studio for myself. It is just like my studio, only cleaner!

I will be heading to Connecticut on Wed for the Mystic Art Show. Check back to see how it goes!