Paintings this week : Wine Truck Finished! Oct 2008

I finished the "Wine Truck" 20 x 20 this week. Oh joy! This is a great truck that I found out in front of a winery on the North Fork in Long Island.  I just could not pass up painting this charming scene. I wish that I had taken  a better photo of my painting,though. I had just put on the varnish  and you can really see a glare.  I will try to reshoot it.

I was so happy to finish the 48 x 36 painting of Montepulciano earlier in the week that I have  started two new paintings from Italy. The first one  you see is from hillside villages of Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre is located on the Northwest coast of Italy.  I took this photograph as Rob and I hiked from Monterosso al Mara to Vernazza. As we were coming down the mountain separating the two villages I saw this breath taking view of Vernazza. I always work from black and white photos that I have taken.  Here you can see the paintings I am working on along with the black and white.

The other painting I started this week is from Montipulciano. This is a view I woke up to every morning. I will keep you posted to my progress on these two painting. It is so much fun working on these. I feel like I am back in Italy and it just relaxes me and makes me happy!