The Great Chattahoochee River Paint Out Feb 2009

This seems like it would be alot of fun and it is only $35.00. Registration deadline is August 1st. Maybe I will see you out there.

Professional and amateur artists gather for 3 days of painting in the beautiful Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area at Island Ford and select sites along the Chattahoochee River in Roswell. You will find tranquility, inspiration and beauty for you and your work as you enjoy three days of on-site painting at specified locations.

Registration Form download. (click link for general information and print out pages)

A map will be provided and you will choose the location(s) where you would like to paint. The event will be open to the public for viewing as the artists paint.

After 3 days of painting, artists will submit their work for exhibit and awards at a special show and reception on August 15.

The Great Chattahoochee River Paint out Exhibition & Reception will be held at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area at Island Ford August 15th.

Mary Williams
IT Manager
Historic Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau
617 Atlanta Street
Roswell, GA 30075

Happy Day! I finally finished my Cinque Terre painting

I began this painting in October and I never thought I would finish. I took this photo while hiking from Monterrossa al Mare to Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy. As you can see, the views were amazing. The black in white photo is the photo I have been working from. What an amazing time we had. I wish we were back!



Hello 2009

It is great to be home from two weekends in Florida. The weather was a perfect 79 degrees, but is is great to be back home.


 Naples was pretty much uneventful. I sold one 15 x 15 painting " Rapids at Anna Ruby. Las Olas was a much better show. My big sale there was the "Cottage Retreat" 30 x 30 to  two wonderful gentlemen who live right on Las Olas Boulevard. They were a delight to meet and I am happy that my painting is going in their home.
The Cottage Retreat is a house in Atlanta that I jogged past one day and was taken with its charm. After my run, I drove back with my camera so that I could paint this lovely house. This painting was on of my mom's favorite, so she was sad to see it go. My other sale worth mentioning at Las Olas was the 15 x 15 of "Time to Celebrate" . This was a row house from New Orleans.

Happy New Year!

Success in Covington, LA

I had a great show this weekend in Covington Louisiana!

Not only did I meet great new friends, I sold my most recent painting, Looking Over Montepulciano, 48" x 36", (shown to the left). The show was a true trial of patience and endurance. After driving 8 hours, I got myself signed into the show, the van unloaded and began to set up my display.  That is when I realized I had left my display tent in Atlanta. I called  and drove around Covington, trying to buy a tent for the weekend.  Not having any luck with a tent, a fellow artist noticed my distress and just happened to have an extra EZ up tent that he could loan me.  THANK YOU Michael Hayman.  What a nice guy!

Well, It was a tent that I was not used to, so of course, I did not set up correctly. A wind storm can through over night and when I go to my tent the next morning all of my display wall were skewed  and twisted. Once again I was very lucky, The borrowed tent was not damaged nor were any of my paintings. I must of had an angel looking over me this weekend.

I had to break everything down and set up again.  The winds were still very strong but, neighboring artists helped keep things from flying while I pulled my work and walls out so that I could start over. I tell you, longest set up ever!  

My drama finally stopped and I had a great weekend. Thanks to all the folks that helped me out!




Paintings this week : Wine Truck Finished! Oct 2008

I finished the "Wine Truck" 20 x 20 this week. Oh joy! This is a great truck that I found out in front of a winery on the North Fork in Long Island.  I just could not pass up painting this charming scene. I wish that I had taken  a better photo of my painting,though. I had just put on the varnish  and you can really see a glare.  I will try to reshoot it.

I was so happy to finish the 48 x 36 painting of Montepulciano earlier in the week that I have  started two new paintings from Italy. The first one  you see is from hillside villages of Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre is located on the Northwest coast of Italy.  I took this photograph as Rob and I hiked from Monterosso al Mara to Vernazza. As we were coming down the mountain separating the two villages I saw this breath taking view of Vernazza. I always work from black and white photos that I have taken.  Here you can see the paintings I am working on along with the black and white.

The other painting I started this week is from Montipulciano. This is a view I woke up to every morning. I will keep you posted to my progress on these two painting. It is so much fun working on these. I feel like I am back in Italy and it just relaxes me and makes me happy!